Tides Reach Recording Studio In Use
Tides Reach Recording Studio
Tides Reach is an affordable pro-audio, recording studio specialising in recording, editing, mixing and mastering rock, pop, jazz and acoustic music along with corporate projects, advertising and voiceovers.

We are a state-of-the-art, pro-audio, digital, recording facility that combines the latest digital recording gear with many classic and vintage items in the control room. The main studio is large enough to accommodate groups from a duo to a 16-piece Big Band or Orchestra. We have a Premier drum kit with Paiste cymbals in house and also keep bass and lead guitars at the studio.

We are open to everyone!

Tides Reach provides a full range of professional sound services which includes release-quality digital audio recording to any format, pod cast masters, production and post production mastering, remix facilities (analogue or digital) and we provide the best, cleanest, most comfortable and competitively priced rehearsal facilities for miles.

We are able to serve the needs of a wide range of clients such as musicians & singers, music producers, mix engineers, video producers, songwriters, DJs, radio jingle and advertising agencies, and of course semi-pro or pro, unsigned or signed bands and solo artists. You'll be pleased to hear that we ourselves are also all working, living, breathing and gigging musicians with the scars to prove it. So, if you can think of it we can do it!

Our gorgeous acoustically balanced live room, as well as providing a fantastic recording and tracking space, also doubles up as an ideal location for your band to rehearse. And, because of the way we have set things up we are able to record you as you play with ease.

We offer clean, centrally-heated & air-conditioned workspaces, comfortable lounge with daylight and fresh air, free tea and coffee, high speed internet, wheelchair friendly access and toilet, free on-site car parking and central but quiet location.

As an added bonus to those who have no intention of ever setting foot in a recording studio, we will transfer all those dusty boxes of scratchy old vinyl and 78s in your forgotten collection to CD with a full cleanup and noise removal process so it's like listening to them again with new ears. From your attic to your CD player in no time at all!

Ultimately, if you are on a tight budget (aren't we all?) you'll probably get far more bang for your buck than anywhere else in the East!

Contact information, pricing, and location details can be found elsewhere on this website. Feel free to look around!